•  In the days before BPO, executives would spend as much as 80% of their office time managing details and just 20% in formulating strategies (BenefitOf.net, 2016)
  •  56% of business leaders say the most important criterion when selecting a partner is reliability of service (SmartCEO, 2016).
  •  Spending on BPO services surpassed $76 billion globally in 2016 (Statista, 2016)


What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? 



BPO refers to the process of contracting specific business processes (typically non-core, repetitive business tasks) to a third-party service provider. 


Why is BPO a Good Idea?



Outsourcing non-core business tasks to a contractor can improve productivity, increase capacity, provide access to new talent, lower costs, and free up your existing resources—all while allowing your business to focus on its core competencies. 


What Are The Benefits of BPO? 

The benefits of BPO are many, including:

 Access to a scalable, highly educated talent pool 
 No limits to operating hours
 Improved efficiency
 Lower human resource costs 
 Optimized risk management
 Organizational flexibility 
 Speed and agility
 No investments in hard assets required


What Types of Activities are Typically Outsourced?



Contact center Tasks
Outbound and in-bound customer support (voice and chat) for customer service, sales, and technical supports.

Data transcription
Legal proceedings, dictations by health professionals, encoding services

Data processing 
Accounting, Finance and HR-related tasks including data scanning, entry, recording, conversion, and analysis.

Customer interaction
Customer service center, online helpdesk, call center, onsite inspection, trade show support

Sales-related Tasks
Creation and maintenance of sales records, pre-sales data, cold calls, cold emails

Procurement-related Tasks
Sourcing of vendors, onsite factory inspections, customized products, quality assurance

Software development
Prototyping, analysis and design, customization, programming, testing, installation and maintenance, middleware and application software as well as education and training systems software

Engineering development 
Engineering design for civil works and building components, electronics and ship building.

Digital content 
Creation of images, music and other information

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