Help Localization & Compilation



Help Localization & Compilation

  • 55% of global consumers say they only buy products from companies that provide them with information in their native language (Common Sense Advisory, 2014). 
  • 56.2% of global consumers say the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price (Common Sense Advisory, 2014). 

What is Online Help Localization & Compilation? 



Online Help Localization & Compilation refers to the process of adapting software to the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of your global customers. It typically involves the following steps:
Localization of online help content 
Art localization, adaptation or creation 
On-line help compilation 
Functional and linguistic testing 
Correction of functional and language bugs

Why is Online Help Localization & Compilation Essential?



Simply put, a majority of consumers prefer to use software that is written in their native language, easy to navigate, and that appears as if it was specifically designed for the end user (Common Sense Advisory, 2014).


What Are The Benefits of Online Help Localization & Compilation? 

Companies that make their software ‘world-ready’ enjoy the following benefits: 

Optimized User Experience: Users that clearly understand a software product are able to use it more efficiently.  

Lower Support Costs: The easier it is for users to navigate your software, the lower your customer service and support costs will be. 

Increased Sales: Properly localized software enables your product to overcome cultural barriers and to effectively reach a larger target audience. 


What Types of Help Content Should Be Localized & Compiled?



Help topics
Tables of contents
Pictures and screenshots


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