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What Is Transcription?

  • 65% of your audience consists of visual learners (Social Science Research Network).


What Is Transcription?



Transcription is the process of creating an electronic text file from a video or audio recording. 


What Are Its Benefits? 



The benefits of transcription are many. Transcription has been shown to:

● Improve the user experience
   by giving consumers the choice to watch, listen to, or read your content;

● Maximize search engine optimization efforts
   by allowing search engine spiders to read and properly index your content;

● Accommodate a broader community
   through both in-language and translated subtitles as well as closed captioning;

● Expand your global reach
   by facilitating the translation of visual and audio content. 


What Types of Content Are Good Candidates for Transcription?



Video, film, and television programs
Commercials and advertisements


Business-related Material:
Company meetings & earnings calls
Presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions
Podcasts & interviews


Medical Content: 
Medical dictations & physician notes
Operation reports


Legal Content: 
Court proceedings
Legal reports


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